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Shaping the Future of Business Through Artificial Intelligence

AI Business Lab is a distinguished venture at the forefront of AI-driven business transformation. We are dedicated to pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence within the fabric of enterprise operations. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we operate as the bridge between technology and pragmatic, real-world business solutions. 

How AI Optimizes Enterprise Processes

We specialize in harnessing the remarkable capabilities of AI across a broad spectrum of corporate functions like automating document processing, streamlining processes, optimizing manufacturing operations, facilitating labor management, scheduling workforce, automating quality control procedures, optimizing inventory levels and analyzing datasets. Every solution we deploy is customized to align with the unique intricacies of clients’ software.

Open projects

We invite enterprises to join us, not only benefit from AI solutions but to actively participate in shaping them. With AI Business Lab, you become a part of a select group of industry leaders who are pioneering the future of business.

Together, we embrace AI’s potential to optimize processes. 

Harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize creation of work schedules.

The core focus of this project is to address the intricate and often time-consuming task of scheduling working time, especially in scenarios where shifts are prevalent.

The challenge is to combine all aspects of the process as:

  • demand for work
  • employees availability and preferences
  • line managers decisions
  • legal regulations

Our AI project also optimizes proposals based on historical data. This adaptive learning mechanism ensures that the schedules improve over time and become more aligned with the actual needs.

Automating and simplifying creation of work schedules make this process more efficient and less time consuming, reducing the potential for scheduling conflicts and improving the overall work experience.

Enhance the process of classifying service requests.

The project aims to address the challenges associated with efficiently categorizing incoming service requests or notifications.

It mainly applies to large scale service organizations, dealing with thousands of requests monthly like:

  • external/internal IT service desk
  • HR department
  • maintenance & repair teams
  • others

Our solution revolves around the use of advanced predictive models, driven by machine learning techniques, which take into account also historical data.

Machine learning techniques underpin our approach, encompassing text classification, solution recommendation and text clustering.

By automating the classification process, we ensure that each request is swiftly directed to the right team for resolution, minimizing delays and improving overall response times.

Development of an Intelligent Assistant for office work.

This unique solution seamlessly integrates the power of AI and RPA to enhance work efficiency and empower employees to handle multiple applications and tools at one point.

This project comprises three key components:

  • AI model for natural language processing
  • RPA (RunBotics automation tool)
  • integrator for chat-based communication

With our AI-Assistant, users can effortlessly handle an array of processes across various applications, all through a user-friendly chatbot interface.

This centralization of essential application functions simplifies operations, reduces manual labor, minimizes costs and ultimately empowers employees to redirect their energy toward more creative and strategic tasks.

Efficient retrieval of documents related to a given phrase or concept.

With the power of Large Language Models, we have harnessed the capabilities of AI to enable a more natural and context-aware search process.

Instead of merely matching words, our system comprehends the semantic essence of the query, allowing users to search for documents in a descriptive manner using everyday language.

This level of understanding transcends mere word matching and ensures that the retrieved documents align with the user’s information needs and goals.

Intelligent Document Search not only saves time but also promotes more accurate and insightful decision-making. It also streamlines operations, enhances productivity and reduces the margin for error.

We are open to exploring new AI projects that align with your business goals. 

AI Business Labs is excited to offer a unique opportunity to businesses seeking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize their operations.

AI can be a enterprise game-changer and we’re here to help you identify and implement innovative AI solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Embracing AI-driven solutions in an opportunity to streamline processes, enhance productivity and achieve stable growth.

If you have specific AI implementation ideas or challenges in mind, let us know. If your idea is not clearly defined yet, our team of AI experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current business processes and needs.

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Case study: AI-supported helpdesk

We built the solution to support service teams in the HR department in handling requests from more than 10,000 employees. Just as AI continually learns and evolves, the solution adapts to your changing needs, ensuring that it remains your go-to solution for sustained growth and success. 

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